To my patrons, I would like to say thank you for your support and encouragement, you are the biggest part of why I make glass beads!

My name is Patricia Dugmore and I live in a small town in Connecticut. I have been a lampwork beadmaker since 2003 and it has been my passion and obsession since the day I discovered this art form. Ordinary things that I observe in my day to day life now have new meaning as my bead brain takes over and starts to translate the object into a bead.

The first time I lit the torch, I knew I had finally found IT! I came home from the three day workshop and ordered everything I needed to set up my own studio in the garage. Ever since that day, I still eat, sleep, and daydream about glass. Everything I see translates into a potential bead. When I'm working with the flame hours seem like minutes. Without the support and encouragement of my family and friends, I wouldn't be able to do this. Thank you all for helping me realize my dreams!

I have taken classes from many patient, talented, and generous glass bead artists, who have reinvented an art that was almost lost to the world. Each of these teachers was chosen by me because of a skill or style that I wanted learn and try to master, to help find my own voice in lampworking. I feel very grateful that I am part of this movement because life does not usually offer opportunities to be part of a reincarnation of something old. The journey and discovery of glass is just as exciting today as it was on the day I took my first class. Quite simply, by a touch of fate, I have found what I was meant to do.

Pat Dugmore



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